Devices: Applications

Sensors, Wearables & More Enabling Patient Monitoring & Disease Management

Moderator: John Cromwell, MD, CMO, Entac Medical
Maria Arvanitidou, Head, Corporate Development & Partnerships, Sentio Solutions
Hadeel Ayoub, PhD, Founder & CTO, BrightSign Technology
Loewen Cavill, CEO, AuraBlue
Anthony Ortiz, Founder & CEO, Fitly

Artificial intelligence (AI) has changed the name of the game, not to mention, the accuracy, accessibility, and possibility of medical devices for early detection, patient monitoring, disease and pain management and treatment, and so much more. AI-enabled devices are connecting patients with possibilities to live longer and healthier lives in ways that were never before possible. This panel highlights unique applications, from one-time to intermittent and even long-term solutions to enable individuals to partner with devices that connect them to data, clinicians, and others around them.

Panelist Bios

Maria Arvanitidou, Head, Corporate Development & Partnerships, Sentio Solutions
Maria leads Corporate Development & Partnerships, taking after relationships with customers and partners and spending a lot of time thinking about how FEEL will grow its impact. Maria has 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry including as Director of Population Health for Optum International at UHG with responsibility for product & solutions, project delivery and strategic growth planning across several geographies and as a Managing Consultant at Deloitte’s strategy practice, advising health systems, payers, governments, innovators and hospitals. She holds a MPharm and an MSc in Health Policy & Economics from LSE and LSHTM.

Hadeel Ayoub, PhD, Founder & CTO, BrightSign Technology
Hadeel is an experienced Lecturer, Researcher and Entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. She is skilled in Innovation, Creative Coding, Programming and Design Research with with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) focused in Human Computer Interaction HCI and Gesture Recognition from Goldsmiths, University of London.

Loewen Cavill, CEO, AuraBlue
Loewen is the CEO and co-founder of AuraBlue. AuraBlue is a smart mattress pad that predicts hot flashes and cools women’s body temperature before they wake up. The pad maintains their optimal sleeping temperature all night, giving women back the sleep they need to live happy and healthy lives. Loewen graduated with her startup from MIT’s startup accelerator DeltaV this past summer, where Loewen studied mechanical engineering and robotics. Loewen has split her time between her engineering and entrepreneurially pursuits. Loewen previously founded other startups, ran an accelerator for MIT technology companies, and was an investor at Dorm Room Fund and Bessemer Venture Partners. She has previously worked as a mechanical engineer for MIT’s Hyperloop team, an autonomous vehicle startup, and a nuclear fusion startup.

John Cromwell, MD, Founder, Entac Medical (Moderator)
John is a nationally recognized colorectal surgeon and is currently Clinical Professor of Surgery, Director of GI, Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgery, and Associate Chief Medical Officer for Surgical Quality and Safety at the University of Iowa. He has invented several devices and platforms in AI, machine learning and predictive analytics. He is the Chief Medical Officer of Entac Medical and the inventor of audio spectral analysis, the technology that underpins Entac’s Previs medical device platform to predict gastrointestinal impairment, most commonly associated with post-operative ileus. John is also the co-founder of DASH Analytics and inventor of High-Definition Care, a machine learning platform using EHR and other patient data to predict hospital adverse events at the point-of-care such as surgical site infection, delirium and blood transfusion. Additionally, he has invented a non-invasive device for early, automated, point-of-care detection of delirium in hospitalized patients.

Anthony Ortiz, Founder & CEO, Fitly
Anthony Ortiz is the Founder & CEO of Fitly, the creators of SmartPlate®. Before starting Fitly, Anthony founded a successful logistics company that grew to a 30 person team and exited under eighteen months. The inventor of SmartPlate®, with its massive potential to disrupt healthcare and society, Anthony Ortiz believes in the power of nutrition AI to assist in preventing and even reversing diseases. Anthony: “I am on a mission to help the world get healthier. The AI technology is serving an important role and provides clarity and precise data of what we are putting in our bodies.” The SmartPlate team figured out a way to combine artificial intelligence with elegant hardware and predictive analytics to bring you the ONLY scientifically-validated platform that achieves up to 99% nutrition accuracy. This powerful tool gives athletes complete control over their nutritional intake. Finally, a way for coaches and practitioners to track their clients’ nutrition data with precision. Since soft-launching, Fitly has sold thousands of SmartPlate® units to customers in over 20 countries and has garnered the attention of over 40 major publications such as Forbes, Mashable, Wall Street Journal, CBS, GMA, and many others.